10 months old!

I have a 10 month old baby girl that reached the double digits on the 19th.

I can’t believe it.

Iz has 4 teeth – one I lovingly call her “snaggle tooth.”

She has taken 2 steps, is a cruising machine, stands on her owns, sings to her shoes, squeals at her doggies, loves on her Daddy, lays her head on her Momma, sleeps in until 6:30 am (ugh), eats everything and anything I put in front of her, plays nicely in her Pack N’ Play but screams bloody murder in her 15x15x15 ft play area, says “uh oh” and throws her toys, shakes her head and says “no, no, no” when she crawls towards danger zones, talks and talks and sings and sings in her crib until you come and get her.

She’s amazing and I can’t believe how fast she’s grown.

Love you, Bug!