1000 words

A picture says so much.

It conveys emotions in one still frame.

A couple of weeks ago, a photographer took time out of her busy schedule to shoot Evan’s “newborn” pics and family pictures.

It hurt my heart knowing we didn’t capture any of Evan’s newborn-ness when he still looked like a newborn.  But, being in the hospital for the first 3 months of his life kind of made it hard to schedule a photo shoot.

Heather, from Chunky Monkey Photography, donated her time and her services to my family.

She has blessed us beyond words.

And I say this…not just because of what she did for us….but because of the beautiful pictures she took, the fact that she met us 7:30 AM in the morning so Evan didn’t have to deal with the Texas heat for our outdoor shoot, and the fact that she was so easy to work with….but BOOK with her for EVERYTHING you may need pictures for.

I battled with the demons of vanity in regards to Evan for a long time.

He doesn’t look normal.  Heart aside, he has a very severe facial deformity in his cleft lip and palate.  He will require multiple surgeries throughout his LIFE to correct his face and his mouth.  He will require extensive amounts of orthodontic work.

All of this…on top of his sick heart.

But, we already made the decision that we would pay whatever it costs to fix his heart and his cleft.  We want him to have every opportunity to live a healthy, normal, and God willing – long, long life.

But, when it comes down to it…I see my boy as a perfect reflection of Christ.  A boy who will bear scars all his life…a boy who will endure so much…to fulfill a purpose for his life that only God has mapped out.

My Evan is beautiful.

Enjoy each memory you’re about to see…I only posted a few since there were SO many!



My Super Hero girl!  Because she has gone through a lot too…

I love this. Because we still experience JOY. Everyday.

My beautiful family.  

Thank you a million times, Heather!


  1. Beautiful <3

  2. Sarah Sproull says:

    These pictures are beautiful! I miss your amazing family!

  3. they are just beautiful! 🙂