11 months….

…boo hoo.

Almost to a year and I am awed and amazed at how much my baby bug has grown and changed.

It seems like yesterday that we found out we were having a baby girl .

No way time has gone this fast. Didn’t my water just break like a few days ago?

Be prepared, blog friends, to see a tear streaked, tear stained posts the next month or so as I make this pilgrimage to celebrate my Baby’s 1 year accomplishment to turning a year old! How amazing. How bittersweet.

She’s so stinkin’ cute that I still can’t believe I made her.

I can’t believe she has two new chompers and keeps on cutting more to add to her collection of pearly whites.

I am amazed that she’s standing on her own, taking hesitant, wobbly steps…all the while looking at me with her proud, smiley, scrunch face that makes my heart fall into a bazillion pieces…

I love that she wants to eat everything I put in front of her and am equally disgusted at watching her shove food in her mouth, spit it out, then put it right back in and chomp away.

I love that she points to her mouth, eye, nose, and tummy and says with confidence “mow (mouth), nose (umm…nose), and eye…tummy she doesn’t say – she just points.

My heart swelled with pride as she looked at me one afternoon while eating lunch – put her two fists together – and clearly said “MORE!” After showing my Girl since she was 4 months old…she finally did it back.

She’s doesn’t say “I love you” but she shows me now that she lets me hold her and rock her. There is a bit of magic in the air when she looks up at me, lays her head on my shoulder and wraps her arms around my neck – then closes her eyes and sleeps while I sit, completely silent, fearful to ruin this absolute moment of perfection.

11 months…


Truly blessed.

On conference calls. She’s a V.I.B. (Very Important Baby)

Ugh..she’s amazing!!

Happy 11 months Iz!!


  1. This makes me want to go get my sweet sleeping beauties, pick them up out of their cribs, and just rock them all night long. There is NOTHING better than when they lay their sweet little heads on our chest and drift off to sleep. UGH!! How will I be able to NOT have another baby???? (I better figure it out, cause it ain't happenin' :))

  2. Wow super adorable. Guys don't usually say this but I cannot wait to have one of my own. I am engaged and going into the air force. I really like your blog, it gives me something to look forward too in my life. Engaged19.blogspot.com


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