13 Days to go…

Could today be “lucky” 13 for us?

Probably not – which means my “feeling” that you’d be here today – is wrong.

But, that’s ok – it’s not your time to join us – so Daddy and I will patiently wait.

You know what Izzy? We’re pretty darned blessed. We have so much already and continue to be given blessings. We’ve faced and are facing trials – but I’m thankful for how He’s refining me and Daddy.

So today…I don’t want to focus on me, or Daddy, or you….today – I want to teach you the importance of praying for others and putting others first.

So first – how do you pray…this is a little acronym that we were taught in church that guides my prayers everyday…it’s using the word P.R.A.Y.

P – praise

– let’s praise God for all the blessings He’s given us. Let’s thank Him for our family, for your health, for his protection over mine and Daddy’s marriage, for giving us YOU, for your growth and health, for His provision, for His love and grace (do you see how wonderful He is???)!!

R – repent

– let’s ask God for forgiveness. We need to ask Him to forgive us for not fully trusting in His plans for us. Let’s ask for forgiveness for the worries and anxieties we don’t give to Him. I’ll ask Him for His forgiveness for my prideful heart and for not yielding to His will.

A – ASK – let’s ask God for our specific prayers

Ashley and Baby C. – let’s continue to pray that God protects them both as she carries him as long as humanly possible. Let’s pray that Ash doesn’t go stir crazy and her time is filled with productive projects to keep the days going. And of course – let’s pray for Baby C. – that he’s growing to be a big strong boy!

Christi and Caden – we’ll continue to pray for my Chap and her sweet boy. Let’s pray for her job and for the transition to parenthood that I know we’re both afraid of! Of course – we’ll continue to pray for Cade – that he’s growing big and strong for you too!

Randi – we’ll continue to pray for her. Let’s pray that the lawyers and judges see a change in her and show mercy. We’ll continue to pray for her as she deals with the monotonous days of prison. Help her feel the love and grace that only Christ can provide.

– Let’s pray for our family that doesn’t know Christ. We’ll continue to pray for God to reveal ways for Craig and I to show those we love the most the amazing opportunity to receive God’s grace. We’ll continue to pray for the hardships our families are dealing with – from health, to finances, to unemployment.

– Let’s pray for our friends. We’ll continue to pray for our friends who may not know Christ too. We’ll pray for their jobs, their health, their well being, and our relationship with them – let’s ask God to show us how to be the friends that they need in their lives.

– Let’s pray for opportunities to show others the grace and love of Christ. Let’s pray for discernment of the next steps for Daddy and I as we make transitions in our lives in regards to our jobs, schooling, and you.

Y – Yield

– let’s step aside and allow God’s will to overtake our lives. Let’s lift up and give Him all these things and really trust Him.

See how easy it is!

When you get here – Daddy and I will pray with you and pray for you!

For now – Sweet Girl – just keep on growing!


  1. Love you – made me cry this morning. Thanks.