14 days to go…

2 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, Baby Girl!

It’s hot today. Daddy and I went to your Tatay and Nana’s house for lunch and a swim. Your cousin’s Sofia and Kara, your Tita Chonnie and Uncle Russ were there too.

We grilled, I sat by the pool, and enjoyed the contractions 🙂

Now that I’m nearing the finish line – I can’t help but think about how this pregnancy has changed me. Someday – VERY far into the future – if it’s God’s will – you’ll be a mother someday too.

Here’s some things about pregnancy that I’ve discovered:

– no matter how well you eat and how much you exercise – you’ll put on weight in spots besides your belly (like – in your back, inner thighs, face, etc)

– your ability to walk will be replaced by a waddle once you hit the end of the pregnancy – even if you try your hardest to walk normally

– strangers will feel the need to touch your belly without your permission

– those same strangers – and maybe more – will feel the need to comment on how large you are and say things like “wow – looks like you’re getting ready to pop!” – when you still have over a month left

– you’ll learn to contort your body to shave your legs and *ahem* your lady bits – and feel accomplished if you only cut yourself a few times

– you’ll have friends that really step up in the friendship department while you’re pregnant – they’ll be excited for you, check on you, and are genuinely excited to meet your baby

– but you’ll also have friends – who you thought would be there but aren’t the friends you thought they’d be – and you’ll move forward with the handful of people that have been there for you through your bleeding scares, visits to the hospital, late night panic attacks

– you’ll look at your husband in a new light – and feel amazed that you could love him more

– you’ll sweat and be hot – no matter the season

– you’ll count down the days just to get out of the 1st trimester nausea, count down the days through your 2nd trimester baby showers, but when you hit 3rd trimester – you just want time to slow down because you’re just not ready!!!

I could go on and on…but I’m hot and need a nap.

We only have a couple more weeks til you meet Daddy and I…and we are so excited! We love you, Izzy!


  1. Czarina!
    Can I just say that this is the cutest thing ever? I know your little Izzy will treasure it forever. Definitely have to print this section of your blog out into a book.
    Can't believe it's only 14 days till you're due. It feels like it was just yesterday you announced ya'll were expecting. CRAZY!
    Can't wait to meet her!