15 Days to go…

Hi, Little One…

We are anxious to meet you. Every time I get a contraction – I think “ok – this is it!”
But, the contractions are not coming frequent enough for me to call the doctor.

And although they are painful, they’re not to the point to where I can’t walk or talk through them. So, we continue to wait for you to come.

One piece of advice I continue to get from my mom friends is “get lots of sleep now….”

I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I really thrive on sleep and so does Daddy…seriously…Daddy NEEDS his sleep!

The contractions are occurring mainly in the early evening and continue until about 3 am – and then stop. So, I’m not getting much sleep now…and I try to catch up on sleep by taking mini naps during the day. I’ve been VERY blessed that I don’t have to go to a job all day but can do some work from home and take breaks as needed.

I only know that I’m going to have to ask for strength and sanity every second of the day. I know that you’re going to rely on me for everything. So, I’m going to have to rely on God for the same…for everything…for guidance, for patience, for strength, for sanity, for rest, for laughter, for…whelp…everything!

I find comfort in knowing that I have friends and family that are going through or have gone through this. I must admit – I get irritated when people continue to share negative comments and negative views about parenting . Now – I’m not talking about honesty – brutal honesty about parenting and what I’ll be going through in labor and in the birthing process are one thing. But, I guess when I’m so close to this tremendous life change – being told “I really hope you want this baby” are not the best things to say to a mom-to-be.

Those comments are disheartening at times but I try to stay positive and look at you as such a miracle. I know how hard the transition will be for Craig and I, how tired we’ll be, how our relationship will change forever, how we’ll have to make sacrifices for you, etc, etc. But, I also know that this is a change and transition that I’ve prayed for. And, God would never have blessed me with you if He didn’t think we were ready.

So, Baby Girl…we’re just waiting and praying for your arrival. We’re excited to meet you! For now…keep on growing!