16 Days to go…

16 days…holy moly…

Morning, Iz!

Swoon….yes…I am swooning over you Daddy.

He saved me yesterday – and since you’re in my belly – he saved YOU too.

He’s my hero and soon you’ll look up at him with and he’ll be your hero too.

We go for our daily walks around the trails in our neighborhood. It’s so pretty and nice with the pond and the paved trails. We go for about 45 minutes and walk with your dog sister and dog brother. It’s our time together that I look forward to every day.

Since I’m getting much bigger and you’re getting bigger – my baby belly is getting heavier and heavier. So, I have to take a break about 35 minutes into our walk. Normally, I walk and then take a break on a park bench and stare out at the lake. Daddy finishes the walk and makes a loop back to me and we head home.

So last night – as I’m waddling down the path – we decide to go a little further than normal. I try to make it down the last trail but I just can’t. I see a park bench and tell Daddy that I’m going to rest up and to come back and get me.

Daddy takes the pups and heads down the trail as I sit and look at the lake. A few minutes pass by and I see that Daddy and the dogs are almost at the end and are about to turn around. I think I’m alone on the trail until I see that I’m getting approached. There’s two of them and they’re yapping away. They head right to me and are coming right at me. I start to panic and ask them to please go away. I’m almost in tears because they won’t leave me alone. I continue to ask them to please leave me alone and go.

I see Daddy and the dogs turn around and he sees me being accosted. He starts to run towards me. He can tell that this is not normal and that I am very scared. As he approaches – the two of them run off.

SWOON….saved by my MAN!!

I tell you – that was a close one. And I don’t care what anyone says, it was a scary moment. Even if the perpetrators were ducks!

I hate birds and Daddy knows how much they scare me.

How lucky are we, Sweet Girl to have a hero like him 🙂

Keep growing!


  1. Cody and Adeline says:

    You are funny!

  2. Ashley Coleman says:

    I hate birds too…i was laughing out loud because i could just vision your panic. I would have been exactly the same.