19 Days to go…

in the “teens” now!!!

Hi, Sweet Girl!

We had another visit today with our doctor. And I would be lying to you if I said I was pleased with how our visit went.

But, I’m not going to argue with Mother Nature…and God. It’s Him that ultimately decides when you get to join me and Daddy.

Looks like not much has changed since our last visit. Without getting too graphic, I’m still about 65% effaced, finger tip dilated, and you’re head is not fully engaged. My cervix is soft…that’s as much ’bout that I’m willing to share (when I told Daddy this – he practically gagged).

You’re posterior position – which means you’re head and body is facing up looking out rather than your face facing my backside. This explains why the movements hurt so much. When move – I’m feeling your knees against my stomach wall and elbows rather than you doing toward my back where the feeling would be less. If you would like to flip – by all means do so…like please…do so!!

I’m thinking you’ll be here the week of the 22nd now…rather than sooner than Daddy and I had hoped. But, the longer you are in my belly – the better it is for you. So – no eviction notice given yet 🙂

We love you, Little One! Keep on growing!


  1. Justin and April says:

    You're looking great! Love the bikini pic. I did the same thing but no picture to prove it :). Hang in there! You're so close. Sleep as much as you can but I know that's hard with contractions and having to pee every 5 seconds! Fun times!