20 Days to go…

Morning, Iz.

Had a little taste of motherhood last night. Meaning – I was up with you all night and only got about 2 hours of sleep.

I hope the contractions I felt last night mean that you’ll be here soon. Every time I had a contraction – you’d squirm a whole bunch right before. Sorry, kiddo, if Mommy’s ute kept you awake too.

You’ll be here on God’s time – and I’m totally fine with that. Daddy thinks you’ll be here in the “teens” so he’s betting on sometime between June 13-19. I’ve always had the date of June 15 in the my head – so we’ll see if one of us right!

I am going to work on your scrapbook today, clean the house, and run some last minute errands. If you’re ready to come out and play…by all means…let me know and I’ll do my best to get you out safely!

Love you Little One…keep on growing!


  1. I still cant believe that you are having a baby soon. I will be back from out of town this coming weekend. I cannot wait to meet your precious baby girl.