21 Days to go…

3 weeks left…

Hi, Little One!

What a fun morning we had yesterday. Your Tatay asked me to come to their house yesterday morning. Daddy was going to hit golf balls early in the morning before it got hot – so yes – it meant he had to get to the driving range by 9am because it gets that hot very quickly these days.

Tatay said to bring my swim suit and hang out while Craig was at the driving range. I secretly think my parents – your Tatay and Nana – are a little concerned that you’re going to come and I’m going to be at home by myself. He said to have Daddy come over after and swim for a bit and have lunch there.

Since Daddy and I didn’t have plans until later in the day (we were going to dinner for our anniversary) – I decided to go ahead and go. After all – Tatay and Nana’s house is only 10 minutes away!

I walked into their house – and heard “Tita Rina!!!”

Garrett and Maddie came all the way from Lubbock for a surprise visit! Then, I heard another little voice and some sweet babbles – and looked and saw your other cousins, Sofia and Kara! All the kids were there! I was so happy to see them!

I love that you’ll have Kara to grow up with and that you have cousins that already love you so much. Maddie is fascinated by my belly and kept on asking to see it. She looks at me and says sweetly, “You have a baby in your belly!” and then kisses “you” – ok she kisses my belly – but she really is kissing you!!

Sofia does the same thing and tells everyone “She has my baby cousin in her belly!”

I can’t wait for you to meet them!

We had a good time swimming, barbecuing, and chatting. I loved that my sisters – your Tita’s were there too! I watched your Daddy play with all your cousins and felt my heart melt – he’s going to be SUCH a great Dad to you!

Tita Candice and Maddie

Daddy reading some “literature.”

Ok – Sweet Girl – you’ll have plenty of time to meet them. For now, keep on growing!