22 Days to go…

Hi, Izzy!

How you doing, Sweet Girl!

I know I tell you this all the time…but Daddy and I really love you.

Daddy loves you so much that he is trying so hard to make sure he is learning as much as he can about parenting as possible before you get here.

At one of my baby showers, a good friend of ours, Heather, made a Daddy Survival Kit for you! It had goggles for your diaper blow-outs, tongs for those stinky ones you’ll be sure to make, gloves, a turkey baster to wash your little hiney with….so many fun and silly stuff to make sure Daddy is ready to change that first diaper!

So, yesterday, Daddy took the day off to run some last minute errands we had before you arrive. I was putting up some things in your room and started to organize your changing table when I thought of great idea.

I picked up Gunner (your stuffed bear from London and Daddy’s gift to you from his favorite soccer team – Arsenal) and grabbed a diaper.

I walked into the living room and decided to show Daddy how to put on a diaper…with the help of Gunny! We talked about the right way to wipe, how to be careful because of the umbilical cord, how the velcro straps worked on the diaper, and how to attach it to Gunny.

Let me tell you – he was a PRO! He did great! I know you’ll be wiggly, crying and much different than a stuffed animal – but you know what – he’s already ahead of the game since now he’s officially changed one diaper 😀

We love you, Little One! Keep on growing!