24 Days to go…

We did it. We did the most important thing we needed to do before you got here. And yes, I waited until the absolute second…but hey…at least it’s done!

We found a pediatrician for you! She was referred by a friend and your Nana also spoke highly of her.

A lot of people have asked why I didn’t choose Nana to be your doctor. One thing I know is that it’s very hard to separate emotions and medicine when family is involved. Nana is a great doctor but I want her to just be your Nana and nothing else. I don’t want you associating shots with her!

I really like the doctor we chose for you. She is a mother herself. She’s young and is very easy to talk to. Her approach to patient care is to give parents the best advice she can and allow the parents to make decisions for their children. Of course, when it comes to serious issues, she’ll take the reigns. But, she encourages parents to ask questions and to be involved in the care of their children. What a great philosophy and it will work well with how Daddy and I want to raise you.

So, another important decision made! We’re just waiting on you…but you take your time, Little One! Keep on growing!