26 Days to go…

Or 20 Days to go…

Or 15 Days to go…

We just don’t know, do we Sweet Girl?!?

So, we had some good news and bad news today at our doctor’s appointment.

Bad news first….if you come early…it’ll totally mess up my blog :-O

But, that’s the BEST bad news I’ve EVER heard!

Good news – I’m progressing just as I should. For all of my mommy friends out there and my med school friends in OB…still 1 cm dilated, you’re close to being “engaged” and I’m about 65% effaced.

The doctor feels I’ll get to 39th week but probably no further than June 22nd.

So, you could be here a week early or a couple weeks early. I am starting to get very excited. I’ve decided to take advice from Jack from “Lost” and “count to 5, let the fear come in, and proceed…”

I’m never going to be ready. NEVER. I’m always going to think I’m missing something, I’m forgetting something, etc, etc…

He monitored you for about 30 minutes. You looked great and I had some contractions during the time you were monitored (but I didn’t feel them….so maybe labor will be a breeze –hahahaha!!!).

Daddy and I will just continue to wait until you’re ready to come out and play. Keiser and Daisy have a feeling something is going on – they won’t leave my side.

Your whole family is waiting for you, Izzy! We are all so ready and so excited to meet the girl that’s captured our hearts!

For now…keep growing!!