27 Days to go…

Morning, Iz!

How are you feeling this morning, Sweet Girl? You were up and on the go very early this morning. I know I’m a morning person so you must get it from me. But, let’s get the 4:45AM work out sessions out of your system before you become an outside baby….m’kay??

Did you have fun yesterday? I did.

Daddy and I had a great opportunity to do a service project yesterday with our Home Team from church. As we walked up to Mission Arlington, I was met with “What are you DOING here?!?”

I guess my Home Team thought I would just send Daddy to do some work but I really wanted to help. I was hoping that there would be a task that I could do sitting down or in the shade.

Luckily, the Mission needed some help sorting through bins. So, I sorted through clothes while Daddy and some other guys left and worked on an older woman’s yard. Daddy and the others did yard work for a woman who could no longer do it. What great group of guys!

A couple of guys and the other wives stayed behind and sorted through bins of donated items. Did you know that God has a sense of humor? This is how I know He does…

I love housework. I really truly love cleaning and organizing. BUT, the one task I loathe more than anything is folding, hanging and putting up laundry. I would rather scrub toilets, dust baseboards, and pick up dog poop than do the former.

So…what was my main task for the service project that I did for about an hour and half? Yup – you guessed it, I organized, hung and put up clothes! HA! But, when you do it with a joyful heart and realize that you are doing these things to help others – it isn’t nearly as bad.

Daddy came back from doing yard work and we were headed home. He brought up something that I am very excited about.

When you get older – at least old enough to understand what helping others means (probably when you’re 4 yrs old or so) – we are going to do a service project with just the three of us Christmas and Thanksgiving morning. Since you’ll be coming with us for our Home Team service projects that we’ll do once a month – you’ll get to see how serving God’s people is so important.

Then, on those two mornings – it will just be our family’s time to serve. As you get older – we’ll add on more days but we’ll start with those two!

We are so blessed. We may not have fancy cars, a huge mansion, or wear couture…but we have so much more.

We have each other, our health, a home, jobs, food in the fridge and pantry, full tummies, friends who love us…I could go on forever.

I can’t wait to share the gift of service with you, Little One! There is so much to be thankful for!

Right now, I am thankful that you’re still safe in my belly and still growing! We love you, Iz!