28 Days to go…

4 Weeks left!!

Morning, Little One!

Whew! I am tired.

Last night we went to Andrea and Scott’s wedding. It was a great night but we had a very busy day.

I don’t know what it was – but it could have been the fact that I didn’t have a lot of water and I was on the go all day – but I was not feeling well last night.

I had a bit of stomach ache after dinner and tried to ignore it. Then, I started to feel something different. I have had contractions on and off for about a week and they have been pretty mild. But, last night, they were much stronger, got stronger as I would walk and were coming pretty regularly.

Now, they weren’t coming so close together that I had to be concerned that you were getting ready to join us. I just put my feet up, did some dancing in my chair with Allie and Stacy, people watched, and timed the contractions as they came.

I had the chance to talk to Ashley. She’s another wife of one of Craig’s high school buddies. She just had her twin babies and already has a 2 year old son. So, we chatted about motherhood, pediatricians, and about labor.

She asked me a question that no one has asked me. She asked “Are you nervous?”

I asked if I was nervous about being a Mommy, but because she is a faithful blog reader, she already knows how terrified I am about being a Mommy.

What she wanted to know was if I was nervous about going into labor and giving birth.

Here are a few things I DO know:

1 – I’m not going to be a hero and try to do this naturally. I know my limits and these “mini contractions” are hard for me to handle. I believe that many medical interventions are safe – including medicated births (like epidurals) – and know that it will be safe for you.

2 – I am also going to trust my doctor. I have to. I can’t dictate what’s best for you when I am so emotionally tied to you already. He knows you and knows me and will do what is best for the both of us. So, if he says c-section…then surgery it is.

3 – I am a little nervous that I won’t know when it’s time. I know this one sounds silly – but if my water doesn’t break and my contractions are regular and closer together – will I KNOW it’s time for you to join us? I’ve gone to the doctor thinking it was “time” and it wasn’t. But, from the advice of many of my friends – I’ll know it’s time because the contractions will hurt like he!!.

4 – The thought of all the pain freaks me out. The thought of you coming out where you’re supposed to come out – freaks me out. The thought of meeting you – makes it all worth it.

5 – I can plan and plan and plan – and write up a birth plan but ultimately – my birth plan is:


Labor = work
Work = giving birth
Giving birth = meeting you
Meeting you = best moment ever

Since I am a mathematical genius….

Labor = giving birth = best moment ever

So – I’m nervous, yes. But, then again…if I wasn’t worried about something…then I guess I wouldn’t be me!

Keep on growing Sweet Girl…


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    Love the equation…I think that truly sums it up and I feel the exact same way you do about the labor and delivery process. Nervous but well worth it. Drink your water, rest your feet, and take care of my son’s future wife. LOVE YOU

  2. I was really nervous about all of the labor stuff too. Thankfully I had a really easy labor, but it still went by so fast. The pain was induced, but went away quickly with the epidural. Well, it might have been an hour of screaming for the epidural, but looking back it's not memorable. The other more personal stuff about labor just goes out the door when/if your water breaks and they tell you to start pushing. Enjoy this time while she is still inside and the screaming has yet to begin, for you and her. 🙂