#30 – From Daisy

30 Days to go…

Hi, Izzy…

It’s your big dog sister – or as Mommy and Daddy call me – their “dog daughter.”

I don’t know what the big deal is…I mean – I guess it’s neat that you won’t be furry but I am the Princess of the house now.

But, I’m willing to share my title with you. I keep hearing Mommy and Daddy talk about how you’ll give me and our big brother Keiser Cheerios when you get bigger…that makes me so excited.

Here’s a few tips for when you join us:

1. Mommy is tough. She really doesn’t budge when it comes to rules….except for Keiser. I get WHATEVER I want from Daddy. He’s a big pushover – all you have to do is look at him with your big brown eyes like me…and he’s putty in your paws.

2. Mommy is the best singer ever! If you see her sit on the ground and nuzzle up right next to her – she’ll sing you a song. She sings some silly ones to me and Keiser – but my favorites are when she sings me lullabies and I go right to sleep.

3. If it rains really hard and it starts to thunder and lightening – do what I do – and just whine and whimper. Then, Mommy will come out and rub your head like she does mine until the storm passes.

4. The weekends are when Mommy and Daddy sleep in. But, if you whine long enough – they’ll eventually get up with you – even if it isn’t even 8am!

5. Don’t fight it if Mommy puts crazy clothes on you. I guess she thinks since I’m a girl – I like to wear bows and clothes. The bandanas I don’t mind. But, just let her dress you and wait til Daddy gets home – then he’ll take off the silly things you don’t want to wear.

We have a pretty good gig here. We get lots of love from our pet parents. You already have a room ready which I really like to lay down in. They are so excited to meet you and talk about you all the time. I am pretty excited too – I guess…I don’t like sharing the title of Princess or Daddy’s Little Girl…but for you – I’m willing to 🙂

Ok – non furbaby sister – Keep on growing!