Hi people…Mommy is really busy at work making treats. But, she let me take over her blog today to tell my favorite guy Happy Birthday! — Iz

I’m no longer a baby, Daddy, I’m growin’ like you say.
I only wish I can give you the gift you want – today – your birthday.

You always ask me, “Can you stay little?”…and really I did try.
But, I just keep on growing – but let me tell you something – you’re my special guy.

No matter how big I get, I’ll remember all the times.
You read to me, sang to me, and made up silly rhymes.

Oh wait – I’ll always love – how we play hide and seek and chase.
And the way you look when I pucker up to kiss you on your stubbly face.

I know I can be bad sometimes – climbing and falling off of chairs.
Even though you raise your voice sometimes – you still hug me – to show me that you care.

You make me yummy meals – pizza’s my favorite of them all.
And, I hope you see I’m just like you – growing big and tall.

I know our nights can be a little lonely, with Mommy at work away.
But did you know I love the times – when it’s just Daddy and me day?

When you let me color in your lap, read me books or sing my Elmo song….
You’re really good at catching me – er – telling me when I’ve done something wrong.

Thanks for showing me how to pray – and that it’s important to never forget.
To thank God for His blessings – no matter how tough times may get.

Daddy, “peasetankyouwelcome”, really thank you for loving me like you do.
Happy birthday Daddy – I love you to the moon!


  1. SO SO SWEET !!