33 Days to go…

Hi, Little One!

We had our weekly doctor’s appointment today.

You sounded great – well – your heart beat did 🙂

You’ve already made your way “down” and are starting to get ready to come see us. As Daddy said today “you’re on deck!”

But, we need to do our best to keep you in Mommy’s belly for at least 2 weeks – ideally – until I hit 38 weeks.

The doctor said my body is starting to get ready for your arrival too. In medical mumbo-jumbo – I’m 50% effaced, your head is down (not sure what station – and I’m not sure if you’ll stay that way), and I’m still “a bit closed” but about a “finger tip” dilated.

At our hospital visit on Friday – I wasn’t dilated at all…so I guess my body is doing it’s best to get ready for your “birthday!” But, if I could just keep you in for a few more weeks it’ll be what’s best for you.

So – we wait – Sweet Girl. Just like everything else in life…it’s on God’s time. So, He’ll decide when you’re ready to join us. Keep on growing and I’ll see you very, very soon!