34 Days to go…

Hi, Little One!

Do you know what today is? Today is a very special day.

Today is Memorial Day.

You are so blessed and so privileged to be born in a country where people before you and even before me fought for our freedom.

To this day, people are still fighting for us to ensure that our country is safe from any threats that enemies pose to us.

You’ll be able to express your opinions, likes and dislikes, speak for or against important issues – and won’t be persecuted for it.

This is special day where we get to pay tribute to the men and women who are fighting, have fought, and will fight for you and me.

So remember this day and remember to say thank you for the sacrifices so many have made for you.

We are so blessed, Sweet Girl, to live in the United States.

I love you, Baby Girl! Keep on growing!