36 Days to go…

Morning, Little One!

Daddy is on a mini-day trip to watch the Rangers play. He’s going with your Uncle Scott and Abuelo.

I am going to get a massage, do some shopping, and then – as promised to Daddy – relax the rest of the day.

Relaxing to me means that I’ll probably do a little bit of baking, order a chick-flick on T.V. and get sushi for dinner….what a great night!

Before Daddy left, we opened up your car seat and tried to figure it out. We want to make sure we know how to work it before we have to put you in it 🙂

It’s the “final” piece of necessities we need for you before you get here. You’re crib is ready, we have diapers and baby wipes, onesies, a monitor, bottles, pacifiers, blankets…now we’re officially ready for you.

But, like the doctor said yesterday, he wants you to stay put for at least 3 more weeks. I’d like you to wait it out for 36 more days so you’re absolutely done cooking, but we’ll just go day to do day to make sure my old 29 year old body can make it to 38 weeks.

Since I had another scare yesterday and had to go to the hospital, Daddy and I are really and truly ready for you to be here. Yes – we understand how challenging it’s going to be when you are an outside baby – but the fact that there is so much going on with you when you’re inside my body – we’d feel better knowing we can see you and hold you.

Now that your room is done, we have the “big” things needed for you, and that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can no longer do it all – I’m going to take it easy the rest of the time until you get here.

It’s still so surreal that you’re going to be joining our little family. But, we are excited to finally meet you.

For now, Sweet Girl, keep on growing’!