41 Days to go…

Morning, Little One!

I.am. nesting.

Seriously nesting.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I had another baby shower this weekend and I got more clothes and more things for your room or the fact that you can come into this world within the next couple of weeks – but I am on overdrive.

I can’t get the kitchen clean enough. We had a cleaning lady come by last week to scrub the shower stalls, clean the bathroom, and mop but I don’t know if I’ll be using her again.
She did a GREAT job – how could you not when you spend 45 minutes cleaning the shower but I realized she doesn’t clean how I think things should be cleaned. That kind of clean is OCD kind of clean….ridiculous.

But, she has to come because it is getting harder and harder for me to maneuver my body to mop and scrub like I used to. I’ll get over it…hopefully.

Your room is so close to being done and I plan on finishing the little “accents” today and putting them up tomorrow.

I do realize that your room doesn’t have to be done since I am staying at home when you get here. But, I think I’ll be really tired from the night time feedings that I’ll have to use my spare time to catch up on sleep or do the normal household duties.

Daddy bought me a deep freezer this weekend. I LOVE IT! I love that I can bake and make meals and freeze them so Daddy and I will have yummy meals to eat when we’re camping out at the house. I love organizing the food by date and type of food, making lists of the things that are in the freezer, putting directions together for Daddy so he knows how to heat the food, and then making a schedule of when the food needs to be eaten.

I love cleaning out the pantry and organizing the food according to canned, baking goods, snacks, etc.

I love making labels for the little storage bins so Daddy knows where to get your onesies, sleepers, socks, mittens, blankets, washcloths, etc.

We’re going to have a productive day because I need to have a productive day to get all the stuff that needs to be done – DONE.

For now, Sweet Girl, keep on growing!