43 Days to go….

Hi, Little One!

How much fun was today! Did you just love all those people celebrating you…again?!?

I did!

It’s us Baby Girl!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been surrounded by family and friends who love you so much.

We celebrated you today by honoring a rite of passage all little girls must go through…that my Sweet Girl…is a tea party!

Your Tita’s and Nana threw us a tea party shower. I don’t know if it’s me but it seems like my showers actually bring on “real” showers. It was another nasty, rainy day – but our family and my best friends drove all the way to celebrate you.

Pretty table

Party favors – it’s tea! And it said “Baby Hounsel is Tea-rrific!”

We sat around, talked, laughed, opened gifts, laughed some more, ate some more – and just really loved being together.

Yummy cake

Your future boyfriends – Caden Burrows and his mommy Christi and Baby Coleman and his mommy Ashley were there. We talked about baby stuff in only the way real friends do…as bluntly and honestly as possible. We talked about how our bodies are changing – ahem- and certain parts are changing too.

Christi (and Baby Caden) and Me and you

Your best friend Charleigh and her Momma (my best friend!) – Stacy were there. As usual, Charleigh was the hit of the party. I can’t wait until you get to meet her. Ya’ll will be great friends.

Your Nana, Wawa, Titas, cousins came to celebrate you too.

Sofia and Maddie

Family in their pretty hats
Tita Chonnie

Tita Candice and Tita Jill

You are so loved, Little One. I love you’re coming into this world with so much love and support.

For now, keep on growing!