#46 – From Keiser (your dog brother)

46 Days to go…

Hi, Baby Sister who isn’t furry…

I am sick today. I’ve felt sick for the past couple of days. I started to throw up yesterday when our Mommy took me and your dog sister, Daisy on our morning walk.

Yuck. I hate throwing up. It makes my body all contorted and I make strange sounds.

I took treats and drank water yesterday and even took some food our Mommy gave me. But, yuck, I felt bad again and threw up once more.

You know what – Mommy didn’t even get mad. She just cleaned it up, told me that it was ok that I was sick, gave me a good belly rub and told me to lay down.

Last night, she was so paranoid that it could be my special dog food that was making me sick, she made me chicken breast and shredded it for my dinner. Now, I’m a lucky dog.

I felt ok but really tired. Daddy got home and I wanted to play with ball – but I just didn’t feel good.

I slept ok but was startled when Mommy woke me up around 3:30 AM.

She asked “Do you feel ok Buddy? I thought I heard you crying?”

I think I was dreaming about chasing my ball but she thought I was upset or throwing up – so she got up, made sure I was ok, and went back to sleep.

This morning I was excited to eat and ate all my food. But, when I went outside, I had to throw up again. Yuck. So you and Mommy are taking me to the dog doctor this afternoon.

I just had to write to you, Non-fur baby sister, to tell you that sometimes we’ll get sick. Daisy has really bad allergies and for some reason I always have stomach problems. But, Mommy and Daddy take care of us. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we feel better. You’re pretty special already. Mommy talks to you and asks if you’re doing ok all the time. It’s kind of weird since she talks to her belly and all of a sudden I see you kick her.

So, I know you’ll be joining our family soon….and I’m ok with that.

Mommy and Daddy are almost done with your room. You have a ton of clothes (haha – they’re going to make you wear clothes – Mommy puts clothes on me and Daisy when Daddy’s not home and I hate it!). I just wanted to tell you that you’re already loved by our Mommy and Daddy and me (Daisy can be a B* – but then again – she IS a female dog).

If you get sick, don’t worry – they’ll take care of you just like they take care of me.