#47 – from Daddy

47 Days to go…

Morning little one, as your mom did yesterday we all have our own quirks and it will be interesting which ones if any you get from us. So here are a few quirky things about me:

– I tend to fidget, if there is a pen nearby I’m twirling it in my hands. My feet are usually tapping a beat, often to double bass drum beats!

-I hate Styrofoam, I will do all I can to avoid drinking out of a Styrofoam cup or any plastic cup for that matter. Last night we put together a bookcase for your room. Opening the box all the pieces were held together by Styrofoam and I wanted to yell taking all the parts out.

-I will only write with blue pens unless I don’t have a choice of color.

-I have to sleep with a sheet covering me, even in the 100 degree summers. I can’t fall asleep without one.

– I’m not the cleanliest person but I can’t stand clutter. I hate seeing a pile of papers on a table, shoes not in a closet, laundry baskets in the corner…

-Usually I’m pretty calm, except when I’m driving… I’ll admit I’ve gotten a lot better recently but I hate people driving slow in front of me, or people walking slow in front of me. I’m never really in a hurry but I can’t stand it!

-I don’t like stopping in the middle of a chapter when I’m reading, I will sit in the car until a song is over, or The Ticket goes to commercial and I will almost never stop a movie, tv show until it’s over..

– I get angry at inanimate objects if they don’t do their job. If I’m putting something together and a part doesn’t fit – I yell at it. Everything has a job – and I think objects should just DO what they were made to do!

I’m sure there’s more but can’t think of any right now, we will see you soon!