5 months old!

A very special little bug turned 5 months old on the 19th!

This was a big month for Isabelle!

First birthday party

First baby shower. She showed off her voice and her Abs of Steel work out to all the ladies.

First time trying fruits. Her favorites – bananas then apples then peaches. Pears made something unmentionable come out of her southern regions – so we don’t give that to her anymore.

First time being sick. Ugh – what a crappy time that was. First fever, first time in a baby gurney, first time getting blood drawn that wasn’t a heel stick. Yuck – crappy time.

First Halloween. First time watching Sesame Street.

Whoo – what a big month!

She kicks her feet with excitement when she is really happy or really, really, really mad. She is in love with her Jumperoo and the bee that comes with it.

She reaches out for everything which I think is so sweet. She puts her little pudgy hands on both sides of your face or puts her hands on the puppies and pets them…then tries to put them in her mouth.

She can sit up with a little help and topples over after a minute or so.

She rolls every which way. She’s best from tummy to back but is quickly mastering back to tummy. Which has meant many close calls on the bed and changing table….

Isabelle loves to talk but hasn’t quite mastered the inside voice. So – at the store, at home, at church – if she’s going to talk – her volume button is set to 10 and there’s no way of turning it down. And she’s really good at whining. Really, really good – the has the best little sad face and then you go over to her….and she’s happy as a clam (what does that expression even mean…)

She isn’t a fan of her pacifier anymore. Which would be great if she wasn’t using her thumb.

She loves songs, loves T.V. (especially Top Chef, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy…wait…that’s me…)

Her favorite things in this order are:
1. The bumper on the her crib. She hugs it at night.
2. Daddy
3. Daisy – dog sister
4. Keiser – dog brother
5. Bee from the Jumperoo
6. Bath time
7. Chewing on her hands and feet
8. Whining
9. Getting thrown in the air
10. Mommy or T.V. – it’s a toss up…

I’m working really hard to get to at least #6….

I love you, Bug! You’re growing up so fast!

Messy face but at least she’s not crying

Abs of Steel work out…I think she’ll be sitting up on her own very, very soon

Me and Bug


  1. The Donaho's says:

    what a great pic of you and Iz! love it! congrats on making it 5 months ~ to both of you:)