51 Days to go….

Morning, Little One!

Your room is coming together nicely. Daddy and I worked on your room and put together your crib last night. We had some moments of frustration but we did it!

We’re not exactly the best at putting things together but we did it for you.

Now that you’re crib is put together, we have to put together the book case and figure out what else needs to be bought.

Your Tatay and Nana bought you a very comfy glider and ottoman. We’ll sit in that chair when I feed you, rock you, and read books together.

There are lots of little “accents” we need to put up.

Your bedding needs to be washed. All the gifts from your baby shower need to be put up. The closet needs to be organized.

I still have to pack mine, yours and Daddy’s overnight bags for the hospital. I know there’s still about 6-7 weeks til you could come – but you never know – you may decide that you want to come sooner.

I keep on putting things off thinking “Oh – we have tons of time.” But really, we don’t!


Ok – Sweet Girl – you’re doing a great job. Keep on growing and stay healthy and strong. I’ll do my part at Mommy and take care of everything else!

Love you, Baby Girl!


  1. Cody and Adeline says:

    I have some things for your room too Baby Girl, so I need to see your mommy soon!