58 Days to go….

Morning, Little One!

Today is May 1. Daddy and I can’t believe that it’s already May. The past few months have flown by. I feel like I say that all the time – but really – it amazes me how quickly time passes.

Yesterday, I went to your Aunt Shauna’s house. She gave me some lessons on blog stuff and Photoshop.

It was good to see her since we hardly see one another these days. She has three kiddos – all under the age of 7 (well – soon 8 since Mackenzie’s bday is tomorrow!). As I watched her tend to her youngest – Macy – who’s 3 – I was shocked at how laid back she was.

Shauna attributes it to the fact that Macy is her 3rd child. With Mackenzie, she was not as laid back.

Then we had a long talk about her son Chase and school stuff.

We also talked about Mackenzie’s birthday gift wish – a cell phone! She’s going to be 8…the only person she has to call is her parents but since all of her friends have one…well….you know how it is.

A parent’s job is never done. Every year brings on new challenges and it just gets more complicated. I’m pretty sure that at every stage you’ll give me something to worry about and difficulties.

But, I’m also pretty sure you’ll give us joy unlike anything Daddy and I have ever experienced.

For now, you just need to keep growing, Sweet Girl! We love you!