60 Days to go…

Morning, Little One!

I dream about how you look like all the time. One time I had a dream that you were freakishly long and skinny. Another time I had a dream that you were really, really white – like no Asian at all…weird.

Since you’re half me and half Daddy – it’s hard to say what physical attributes I want you to have.

But, I do want you to have Daddy’s height (at least some of it) – I’m kind of short so if you can get that – that would be awesome. Daddy has a killer smile and really pretty eyes – so take those too! I have pretty great hair and a petite frame – so consider taking those.

Daddy has weird hands – he is double jointed – so take my normal hands 🙂

But he has a really great metabolism and is built really well – so be small boned, tall and athletically built.

He had a bad overbite as a kid – so you can take my bone structure too if you like. But, take his eyes – they’re a pretty hazely, brownish color.

He doesn’t have any hair on his head but hair all over his body – so maybe you’ll get that part of me that only has to shave my legs once a month!

Really – I think you’re going to be super, duper cute no matter what! It’s fun to try to picture what you’ll look like and who you’ll look like. Daddy is sweet and says he wants you to look like me 🙂

But, I think you have the same bone structure as him in the face based on your sonograms.

Your profile at 30 wks

My DIY sonogram of Daddy’s profile

I guess I only have 60 more days to find out what your sweet face looks like – but for now – keep growing Sweet Baby!


  1. OMG – she looks like ME! Just kidding. She’s not my baby. I dont think.