62 Days to go…

Morning Little One!

We had another great doctor’s appointment today. The specialist is pretty impressed that my blood pressure has been as good as it has been since you’ve arrived. I’m pretty impressed too – considering I’ve had high blood pressure for as long as I can remember – but as soon as you came along – BAM – nada!

Thanks, Baby Girl!

They didn’t do measurements but will do them next week. So, I’m not sure how big you are. I’m pretty sure you’re bigger than our last visit because my baby belly is getting rounder and larger. I think you’ll be a big baby and maybe even come sooner than what the doctors think.

You did something else super cute today. You blinked at me! During the sonogram you were wide awake and extra squirmy. The tech stopped for minute on your sweet face and said “Look – there she is – she’s looking right at you!”

And there you were, blinking away!

I did get tears in my eyes and I’m pretty sure I saw you roll your eyes at me 😉

It’s pretty funny how even now – those little things – like when you kick me (or as Daddy says – playing the base drum – he’s pretty convinced you’ll be the first female death metal drummer), hiccup and now just even something like blinking – how all these simple things just seem so amazing to me!

I am constantly reminded at how amazing our Creator is and how incredibly blessed I am to be trusted with you.

We visit our normal doctor tomorrow so rest up – I’m sure you’ll be poked and prodded some more!

Daddy and I love you, Sweet Girl! Keep on growing!


  1. Awesome news about the appointment and your blood pressure!!

    I can’t wait to meet her!