67 Days to go…

Hi, Baby Girl…

Hmm…today has been an interesting day.

Without being too cryptic, it seems as if you, me and Daddy have some tough decisions to make regarding our future.

So, if you’re a blog reader – I just ask that you pray for me and for our family as we have some choices to make.

I am thankful, for you and Daddy, and that you’re still growing and kicking away.

It’s amazing how every important decision is magnified when you bring a new life into this world.

I love you, Little One….keep on growing!


  1. Ashley Coleman says:

    You know I am praying for you:)

  2. Good luck ya’ll with your decisions. Just remember God’s will. Even if, at the moment, it doesn’t seem right- if God’s telling you it’s right…trust him. He seems to always know the big picture.

  3. I’m praying! I hope everything os ok! You have me worried!