7 months old!


Man, I heart this girl!!

There’s a good chance I might have cried when Isabelle turned 7 months old on the 19th.

Holy Moly…. _____________________________________

I’ll give you three guesses, blog readers, to what I’m about to say next:

  1. . “…I can’t believe people still think wearing bras with clear plastic bra straps is a good substitute for a strapless one.”
  2. “…the choice to get double beans instead of rice at the Mexican restaurant was not my greatest moment.”
  3. “…I can’t believe Isabelle is already 7 months old! Time flies!”
If you guessed 3, you are correct!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I wish I could say things were easier. Being a Mommy is a lot of work and the work doesn’t get easier – it just evolves into a different kind of hard.

When Isabelle was first born, I didn’t know a thing about her. Her cries were foreign to me and I’d just stick a boob in her mouth in hopes of shutting her up, erm, soothing her. She was floppy, cute in an alien kind of way, and would sleep and sleep and sleep.

The months past and we went from not so floppy to a sturdy, rough, and tough baby girl. She’s kind of brute. She’s not the delicate little flower I had pictured in my mind – I thought for sure I’d have a gentle, cuddly little angel baby. But, Iz, she’s still a sweet baby girl – just a brute. She bangs her toys, crawls (oh – did I mention that she crawls….) over – ok more like barrels over things, she hits and thinks its funny….and she is NOT a cuddler (sniff, sniff…)

She cries. And cries LOUD. She wants to make it known to everyone around her when she is not happy. And maybe she is trying to get back to her roots….since I’m pretty sure people in the Philippines can hear her. But, now I know her cries. I know her hungry cry, her bored cries, her poopy diaper cries, her tired cries, her whatthehellareyoudoingwoman cries…..and I normally remedy the situation before CPS knocks on my door.

She sleeps. BWAHAHAHA!

Whoo…sorry….I had to belt out that loud guffaw (I heart that word guffaw….I hope I’m using it right).

Isabelle was sleeping through the night at 4 months old. Then around 5 months – she started night waking. And yes, we cried it out. I was strong and didn’t go to her. Craig was strong and pretended to be asleep, err, stayed sound asleep. We blame it on teeth. I blame everything on teeth. Which now we have 2 teeth…so ’tis ok. Kind of like how everyone blames the Republican party for the stall in the healthcare bill…no one knows how to fix it…so they have to blame someone or something….without much merit….(ooh – touchy, touchy….)

But, we’re lucky. She sleeps from 7am – 5am and then back to bed after her 5am nurse about 4 days a week. The other 8 days out of the week – she wakes up repeatedly in the middle of the night grabbing her mouth and rolling around in her crib…poor baby (poor Mommy…)…

But Iz is a blast. She is so much fun! She is army crawling, laughs, loves to play, eats her cereal, fruits and veges, is still exclusively nursing (her decision…not mine), loves her Daddy, loves her doggies, loves bath time, loves music, loves it when I rap to her (and sing….but rapping is so much more me…I’m truly gangsta), loves playing with other kids, squeals when she’s excited, shakes when she gets REALLY excited…

She is everything, I never knew, I always wanted 🙂

Happy 7 months, baby girl! I am so proud of you!

Ready, set….CRAWL!

Move outta the way….

Check out my teeth!





  1. She is the cutest thing. I'm hoping that Caroline will start to exclusively sleep through the night by 4 months. We only have a couple more weeks to make it happen.

    I must know where you got that bow!

  2. Ashley Coleman says:

    She is such a big and beautiful girl. Owen loves his lady to have a bit of brute qualities about them.