74 Days to go…

You’re a ninja, Little One.

I’ve decided you’re going to have a huge career as either a professional ninja or a Rockette. Girlfriend….you can KICK!

Something I hope for you….that you love to cook like me.

I picture us in the kitchen – you on a stool at the island and me directing you on how to mix cake batter while you secretly stick your little, pudgy hands in the mix and take samples.

I can see you in your little apron, trying to measure out flour, but the flour goes everywhere and all of a sudden there’s a sea of white!!

I can see your sweet face smudged with brownie batter and your hair full of chocolate.

I can see you run up to your Daddy with a tray of goodies that YOU made.

I love knowing that I get to share my love of cooking and baking with you – my daughter!

I love that my passion for being in the kitchen is going to be passed down to you.

I can’t wait for those moments – but for now – sweet Baby – keep on growing!