77 Days to go…

Happy Easter, Little One!

What a great day today is! Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is my God who is LIVING! He lived a perfect life and died for our sins – then rose again from the dead – to be a living God whom I can always call upon and know that He gets me – because He lived a human life.

Easter has different meaning to me today. I have always been so amazed at the sacrifice Jesus made for mankind. But now that I’m getting ready to be a parent, the sacrifice and absolute SELFLESS act of letting your child die for the sake of others – now – that’s beyond me.

But, that’s exactly what God the Father has done. He blessed Mary – the mother of Jesus – to carry His only Son. Mary knew that this miraculous child would eventually die for the sake of our sins. Yet, she did nothing but live her life God’s glory.

A Father and Mary the mother of Jesus – gave up their child – for me, for you, for Daddy, for anyone who accepts Jesus into their hearts.

It is so humbling and I am so grateful for His sacrifice.

So today, I rejoice for RESURRECTION of Jesus! What a wonderful day and wonderful God we serve.

Keep growing Little One – we love you!