Lucky number 7

I looked into your eyes and made that promise of, “My son…you’ll do fine…”

I said a silent prayer to God…”Dear Lord let me keep him..we haven’t had that much time.”


Hours upon hours your eyes and mine locked and yawn escaped your tiny mouth.

It made my heart stop, the innocence of you, and once again  – I made the vow…


To protect you, to fight for you, to do all that I could, to give you many more years.

Sleepless nights, hospital stays, no matter what it took…I promised through my tears.


I handed you over to doctors and surgeons who would “Do all that they could…”

I paced, I prayed, I begged, I pleaded…if there was more I could do…I would.


Time stood still during the procedures and time stopped during your heart surgery.

I prayed for healing, for God’s grace, for comfort…and for God’s loving mercy.


Hundreds of prayers flooded the Heavens  – with the whisper of your name.

The moment I almost lost you, my Evan…I knew my life would not be the same.


The ventilator, the tubes, the wires and medicine – all to keep you alive.

All I can do is sit by your bedside, hold your hand, and pray for you to thrive.


Your Daddy and I we pray for you and thank God for this family and for each other.

Your sister, so innocent, all she asks and knows…”When can he come home…my baby brudder?”


“Soon” we say, holding our breath, praying this promise we hope we can keep.

And we hold to our faith, hold on to the promises from God…and continue to believe…


That this moment in time is just another storm that we’ll have to battle through.

But, know this my Evan, there are hundreds of prayers being  said just for you.


Continue to heal, continue to fight – my warrior – with a heart that is still broken.

We’ll continue to pray, continue to hope with every prayer that is spoken.


We’re honored to be your parents, honored to love you, honored to fight next to you.

We’ll be here forever, love you forever…our promise to you – through and through.


Happy 7 weeks Evan…keep fighting.