80 Days to go….

Hi, Sweet Baby!

Your Tatay and Nana came over last night to help Daddy with your room.

Daddy is pretty fantastic and he’s not one of those guys that won’t ask for help if he knows he needs it. So, there were some “projects” to be done in your room so we needed Tatay to come over and help.

Since they came over, I made dinner. Normally, Daddy and I eat lots of Mexican food, Italian food, and some American food here and there. I rarely make Filipino food – probably because I can’t make it as good as Tatay’s food. But, since they were coming, I thought I’d try my best to make something.

I grilled a whole fish and made this beef soup with cabbage and potatoes. We ate it with rice…and I have to say…it was pretty good – even Daddy liked it!

I guess you can say that we’ll be a “mixed” family. I really hate that term because I don’t see me or Daddy as different. I only see the man I love. But, reality is, you’re going to be a beautiful blend of Filipino (me) and English/German/some other European descent that Daddy is unware about. I want you to know the Filipino culture, the AMAZING food (which you’ll get tons of at Tatay’s house), and the traditions your Tita’s and I were raised with.

When you get older, I’ll have you watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It’s a pretty good depiction of my family and Daddy’s small family. My side of the family is filled with Titas, Uncles, Cousins galore that are laugh a lot, talk loud and talk often, and eat and eat and eat.

While Daddy’s side is pretty much just him, Abuelo and Abuela and his brother, your Aunt Sue and cousins Paige and Levi…but that’s it for them.

You’ll get introduced to both and I know will love both mine and Daddy’s family!

For now, keep growing Little One – we love you!