87 days to go…

Did you know Little One it takes a lot of planning to become a parent these days?

My mom (your Nana) always says to me about her pregnancies, “All I remember was that I was pregnant and then a few months later, I gave birth.”

Not your mommy!

I’m that person that likes to follow rules and is a stickler for doing things right the first time. When I first found out you were coming, I had to cut things from my diet – like Starbucks coffees (YUM) – mainly because of the caffeine but also because it is so dang expensive. I cut out sushi and have been logging all the things that upset my stomach so that I make sure to avoid them once I start breast feeding.

Daddy and I had to really think about our finances. We knew a college fund was essential for you so we’re setting that up. But, then when we found out you were a girl, the first thing that popped into my head was “we have to pay for a wedding!” So, looking at all the expenses we have for you in the future – dance classes, cheerleading classes, soccer, your first car, the possibility of a sorority, etc – Daddy and I have to save, save, save! It’s an overwhelming feeling at times but know that we want you to have all the things that were given to us by our parents.

When Daddy asked me to marry him, he asked your Tatay (my dad) and Nana for permission to marry me. After my parents said “yes,” the only condition Tatay had for Craig was to make sure when WE have kids – that we provide for them just as they had provided for us.

Now that’s a tall order because both mine and Daddy’s parents have given us so much. So, we’re doing our best now to save for our own future and for yours.

Realizing we were going to be parents forced us to grow up…or at least think about grown up things. Life insurance, wills and trusts, guardianships…the list goes on and on. But, it’s a natural progression of life that we knew we’d one day want when we got pregnant – and now that you’re coming so soon – we’re now on that journey.

Being a parent, at least to us, is an important job. We feel privileged that God chose us for this awesome responsibility.