94 Days to go….

I am super emotional, Little One…as you’ve probably already experienced. I’m sure you sit my belly and ask yourself

“Why is she crying again?!?”

“Why does she keep poking me…doesn’t she understand I need my beauty sleep?!?”

“Wait a second, she was laughing with Daddy a few minutes ago and now she’s crying…again!”

Oh Baby, I wish I could blame my hormones on the crazy, emotions I’ve had but I’m sad to say that I am just a very emotional person. I tend to make decisions based on how I feel and don’t really think things through.

Daddy, on the other hand, is opposite of me. He doesn’t say much…but I’m sure you’ve heard him say to you “Sorry, Baby….I know Mommy keeps poking you and won’t let you sleep.”

He’s even keel and really thinks about things before making a decision. He doesn’t let his emotions get in the way and really things things through. Daddy just goes with the flow…

Now, I pray you get the laid-back attitude of Daddy but I also hope you get the passion I have for so many things. I am a hopeless romantic with ideal views of a lot of things while Daddy is realistic but shows his love to me in very sweet, thoughtful ways.

I try to imagine who you’ll be like, what kind of person you’re becoming, the personality that God created for you…it’s all very overwhelming…but I know that you’re being created JUST how you SHOULD BE!!