95 Days to go…

I hope Little One that Daddy and I are able to give you the opportunities to travel. We plan on taking you everywhere we possibly can. We want you to see the world, experience different cultures, try different foods, explore places outside of home.

Daddy and I already have our first trip planned with you. We plan on going to Washington, D.C. when you’re over a year old. You’ll get to fly on a plane to Lubbock, TX to watch the Red Raiders play. An Alaskan cruise is already in your future for your Abuela and Abuelo’s 50th wedding anniversary. We’ll take you to San Francisco to visit your great grandfather. When you get older I want to take a trip to New York and have you experience the Rockettes, visit the American Girl store….

When you get much older, I hope to take you to the Philippines and see where Mommy came from. It is such an eye opening experience and you’ll be thankful that God brought your Tatay and Nana to the U.S. so that I could have a better future.

There is so much to see and Daddy and I have been blessed to see a lot of the world. But, we are so excited that we’ll get to share our future travels with you.


  1. Cody and Adeline says:

    You know how much I love to travel too. I can’t wait to take Luke to Belgium in May. What a great idea to write to her every day until she arrives. Love ya.