96 days to go….

I really hope you like your room. You’ll learn pretty quickly that I am pretty decisive and like things done a certain way. For whatever reason, I’ve struggled with picking out bedding, furniture, color for your room, etc…

Daddy, who really is the voice of reason of our family, made me make a decision. So, I’ve picked out bedding, your Tita Candice is giving us a crib and changing table, and we’ve started working on your room! I was really excited when we started to tape up the room for us to paint and realized that you would be here with us very soon.

You are so very blessed Little One. You are going to be surrounded by so many people who love you – your Tatay (my Dad), your Nana (my Mom), and your Daddy’s parents (Abuela and Abuelo)…they are all contributing to making your room special by making things for it or helping us fix it up.

Mommy and you (in my belly) taping up your room

Daddy and Tatay taking down your fan

Tatay and Nana watching Daddy paint


  1. I love that you are doing this!! How cool will it be to print it out for her so she can read it when she’s older?!!?

    I can’t wait to see pics of the completed nursery!