A poem for my boy

I found out your heart would be special – when I was still carrying you.

It was at that moment I promised – I would do all that I could do…


To give you every chance to make sure you could fight…

To give us a lifelong of days playing and sleepy, lullaby nights.


Did you hear my heart break – when they told me yours was?

Did you hear my silent plea to the Heaven’s above?


To heal your tiny heart – to heal your sweet face.

To take your Daddy and me away – from this, awful, awful place…


A place where a parent – should never  have to know.

A place of worry, and fear – of maybe having to let go…


We weep for the battle you have yet to fight…

To ask your tiny body to work with all its might…


To fight for your life with every single breath…

Without even making a single memory…at least not yet.


I pray for your Daddy – for the dreams of his son.

I pray for the journey – although it’s not yet begun.


I pray for your sister – so innocent in all of this.

But, yet sometimes she knows better – as she gives my belly a kiss…


And clasps her hands tight – and says a prayer to our Father…

“God bless baby’s heart.  Please bless my brother.”


I say it’s not fair – how can this happen to me?

Why did God choose us – to go on this journey?


I cry over and over again – such deep, dark sorrow.

How can I go on knowing you may not have a tomorrow?


But, prayers are surrounding us – flooding Heaven’s gate.

Could it be?  Your tiny heart – is delivering faith?


To those who may now believe – that God does exist.

With the story of my unborn son’s heart – that the Angel’s have kissed?


Your story has touched so many – prayers being sent up to Heaven.

I know that your journey will be tough – but it’s not going to be the end.


You are going to fight – you are going to live.

Each breath a blessing – each moment a gift.


I breathe for you now, our hearts beat as one.

You’ve battled through so much already, I’m proud you’re my son.

– Love, Mommy


  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Wow. Just wow.

  3. That is beautiful!

  4. Erin Maniscalco says:

    Thank you again. I cry tears for you, knowing your heart through your words has been so comforting when I feel alone in our journey.