A Quickie

….a Quickie POST – that is (get your mind out of the gutter blog readers)

Really fast – since I have tons of studying to do

I love, love, love my new house. “It is everything, I never knew, I always wanted.”

It’s 3 bedroom, 2 bath, has an “office”, and dining room (but no furniture for this room yet)

It’s not very big, not too small, not glamorous, not plain – but ALL us.

Its my nest, mi casa, my crib – OUR HOME!

Come on in and take a look-see…

Just look at it and smile – that’s what I do

The pics don’t do our house justice…but then again…I’m bias 🙂

The nursery and guest bedroom AND dining room are still storage areas so I decided not to take pics of those rooms – if you want to visit – we’ll be here all week, all month, all year….


  1. Your house is beautiful!! I’m so glad I got to come over and see it and celebrate Craig’s birthday with y’all!

  2. Cody and Adeline says:

    I love your new house. So pretty!