A weighty (waity) issue

“You’re FAT!”

Big smiles – loved hearing those words.

Evan’s cardiologist walked in for his appointment and those were his first words to my boy.

Weight gain is something heart babies struggle with.  Remember…bad ticker…and everything else struggles.

Even with Evan throwing up at least once a day, spitting up every other feed, he’s managed to put on weight and grow.

He must take after me (you know….the ability to gain weight without even trying 🙁 …)

Our goal is get him big .  The bigger he gets, the bigger his heart…and that means (God willing) everything will be bigger and stronger so the surgeon can have an “easier” time during Evan’s open heart surgery (gulp..).

He’s so unlike Iz.  Isabelle was long, lean…and struggled with weigh gain…still does.  She would nurse and take formula and still only gain a few ounces.  It took her 18 months to get to 20 pounds!

Evan is a hearty and stocky little man.  He is a healthy 13.3 lbs.

I am so proud of him.  He is doing everything he is supposed to do.

So now…we just continue to gain weight, monitor his oxygen levels, and let him be a baby.

BAH – this waiting….

And this waiting game is the hardest – because as everyday passes and I fall more and more in love with my boy – I have to watch and see if he starts to deteriorate.  Wait and see if his oxygen levels fall.  Wait and see if he stops gaining weight.

But, today, he’s great.  Today he’s still a chunk and a half that loves to babble, loves to play and suck on his hands, loves to kick and hit his toys, loves to smile and his sister, his Daddy, and his favorite person…ME!


My weight issues 🙂

So, I’ve decided to document my weight loss – life style changing – journey with my blog readers (all 2 of you…).  It gives me accountability and it will hopefully give hope to the everyday woman – like me – who just needs to lose the baby weight but has a  life to live, a family to raise, and serious addiction to all things salty, crunchy, sweet and in a cocktail glass.

For the past few days, I’ve been eating clean.  Eating things that weren’t processed (oh how I wish Oreos came from a tree) and drinking tons of water (and coffee…)  Then, dinner time hit and I was starving.  I knew I hadn’t eaten enough during the day because by 5pm I was starving.  I gave in and ate a piece of lasagna the size of Texas.  It was made by a friend – so ate least I know it didn’t have preservatives in it….and the specialty candy from the Philippines was given to me by my aunt…it’s a cross between a piece of caramel and condensed milk…

I am not working out this week to rest my back. Oh…did I fail to mention I pulled something or some nerve is pinched in the middle of my back?  I hurt it while I was trying to save a tiny kitten from a burning house.

OR….I hurt it while I bent down to pick up my chunk-a-rific baby boy and failed to bend my knees…(man I’m old..)

I did manage a yoga class yesterday.  I was kind of ticked off during the class since there was just a bunch of breathing and holding the “pose” and feeling the energy.  What a crock of bull-sh.  Ha…stupid me.  I woke up this morning aching and sore in random places…I guess breathing and feeling the energy is legit!

But, I am drinking lots of water and eating kinda ok…

So, as I pass up the bag of chips, the spoonful of Nutella, the fried chicken – I try and remember why I’m doing all of this…not just to put on one of the 15 pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans I have in my closet (although Craig would appreciate it if I didn’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe) but to be the best me for my Evan, my Iz and Craig.

So…we weight as we wait…

Evan to gain it…

Me to lose it…

Starting weight 4/30/12 : 138.4

Starting Blood Pressure :  138/92



Three months post baby

P.S. I realized today as I was uploading this picture that there are no pictures of my Evan on here!  Oh blog readers…all 2 of you….you need to see my sweet boy. I will work on getting pictures uploaded in the next couple of days.  Warning…he is really cute and he is not allowed to date until he’s 30…so no falling in love with him 🙂


  1. This is exactly the inspiration and motivation that I need… my son is 1.5 and I still have about 10 pounds of baby weight that I’ve never lost. I’m at a healthy weight with no medical issues, but I’m also definitely a good size or 2 bigger than I used to be. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Czarina Czarina says:

      Jill – let’s do this together! I’ll check on you weekly – you check on me. I’ll post some links to good food sites for recipes and ideas for easy workouts. Let’s get healthy together – ours sons deserves it and so do we!

  2. join my fitness pal. my name is megcmoore. it helps you track calories, exercise, etc. seriously- i lost 8 pounds so far doing it.

  3. I hope you never have to see him deteriorate. Luckily we didn’t with our son, but it hurt so much more to see his recovery become a long, drawn-out process. Why’d we do this, he was fine? But for how long? Anyway, I hope it becomes a ‘just do it now and get it over with’ rather than an emergent situation.
    I also applaud you for being so real with the weight. My son was 21 months before I finally said enough to not working out. Two months later I’m only down about 10 lbs, with probably 10-15 to go, but I feel better, look better and oddly enough, Henry’s feeling lighter in my arms (yay strength training). Good luck on your weight loss.