Accidental birthday week

I never understood people who gave themselves an entire week to celebrate their birthday.

The day of – I get.

The entire week – I don’t get.

No judgments here – just don’t get why anyone wants to be reminded every day for an entire week that they are a year older.

Enter in 2010.

Today is my birthday…

You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too–yeah

They say it’s your birthday

gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday

Happy birthday to you.

Sorry – had to get that out of my system.

So, today is my birthday.

Today – on the day of my birth – the day of celebration – I have:

– wrapped 30 gifts
– cleaned my house
– done laundry
– cooked meals
– changed diapers
– wiped tears
– disciplined a toddler
– found the weapons of mass destruction

(ok – not the last one – just making sure you really ARE paying attention – unless you think 2 days of no pooping to finally pooping today as a weapon – then yes – I found a weapon of mass destruction in Iz’s diaper)

But, today is like another day in my life. My blessed life.

But this week…now that’s another story!

I had an accidental birthday week.

A week filled with all things I love : friends, family, laughter, me time

Day 1 of Accidental Birthday week: Sushi dinner with my best friends from my mom’s group. I’ve known these women for a little over a year and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without them. We combined a new annual tradition – an ornament exchange with my birthday dinner. Sushi, laughter, mom time. Success!

Day 2 of Accidental Birthday week: Spa day. I had this gift certificate my parents gave me last year that was going to expire. So, I went to work at an ungodly hour of 5am so I could leave at 11am for a facial, mani and pedi. The facial was amazing. The mani/pedi I could have done without. I like having pretty toes and nails – but the mani/pedi lady felt the need to draw out the mani/pedi to over 2 hours and talk non-stop about her divorce, her new boyfriend, her suicidal daughter, her abusive relationships – kind of stressed me out on a day that was supposed to be stress free. But, I had a great facial – so I smile at you with glowing skin!

Day 3 of Accidental Birthday week: Craig took the day off to take Iz to see Santa. Iz loves all things Santa – and excitedly points to every Santa she sees and yells “SAAAAAAAANTAAA!” with absolute glee. So of course we assumed (what is it they say if you assume – something about me being an a$$) she would love seeing Santa. Let’s just say the experience was not one for a Norman Rockwall painting, but it is a memory Craig and I will laugh at (and Iz will have nightmares over) forever!

Day 4 of Accidental Birthday week: Annual Christmas dinner with my best buds from high school. This year my dear friend Lindsey organized a painting class for us to do. It was SO fun! We painted, ate yummy food, drank wine and champagne, laughed, gabbed, made beautiful paintings and memories.

Day 5 of Accidental Birthday week: Work. Not fun but productive.

Day 6 of Accidental Birthday week: I got wined and dined by the hubs. I got all dressed up in a very binding dress. I looked like Goth Asian Mummy – but the hubs thought I was smokin’ so that’s all that matters. We went to an amazing restaurant where I ate yummy food, met the celebrity chef/owner, got a picture, filled my tummy, and was blissfully happy from start to finish. We then headed over to a Christmas party hosted by dear friends of ours in their beautiful new home. We caught up with great friends who I don’t see often enough, laughed, ate more food…Then the hubs and I stayed over night at fancy schmancy hotel and [ ].

Day 7 of True birthday day: I am doing normal life things. Today I am reminded that I am blessed beyond belief. I love seeing messages on my Facebook page, love getting phone calls, love getting text messages. I am reminded with the chores I have to do that I have a beautiful family that I have the privilege to care for. I am reminded with the mountain of presents I have to wrap that God has blessed the hubs and I with a little extra moolah to buy gifts for the ones we love. And all around my home – I see reminders of the reason I am thankful for my birthday – I was given a life I could have only wished and prayed for. Even the trials I’ve faced – all are blessings.

So today – happy birthday to me! And I thank everyone who made this Accidental Birthday Week one I’ll never forget!