Isabelle is almost 11 months old.

I don’t know where time has gone.

I can’t believe that not so long ago I was so focused on losing the baby weight and getting into shape. I probably should have paid more attention to my bundle of joy rather than working my tail off to get back into shape.

But, its 10+ months post baby and I can finally say I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight – maybe even a pound under.

Notice – I said “weight.” Not body. I don’t think my body will ever be what it was before.

Since I created a human being, carried life, and birthed an eternal soul (I have to really talk up the birthing process or I’ll just cringe at the remnants of pregnancy ie – stretch marks, linea nigra that is STILL there…) – my tum, tum isn’t quite the picture of perfection.

Since I nursed and gave nourishment to Isabelle for 9 months from my own body – my bubbies have fallen prey to gravity. Picture a balloon from a birthday party (my bubbies at 20)…then the days go by and slowly the air seeps out and balloon looks sad, deflated (my bubbies post baby at 30).

I remember longing for the days of my skinny jeans, tube tops, short skirts, and heels. I would grumble as I put on nursing tank after nursing tank, stretchy yoga pants, and flip flops or tennis shoes once again.

But now that I can fit into my old clothes, I have no reason to keep around the nursing bras, nursing tanks, maternity sweats, elastic waist shorts, balloon like dresses, and B.O.P.s (Big.Ole.Panties)…

And you know what – I miss them.

So what if I don’t nurse anymore…can’t my nursing tops/tanks/bras still double as some sort of sexy peekaboo article of underwear?

So what if I no longer have my baby belly…can’t my maternity sweats and elastic waist shorts still be used as “work out” gear and laundry day clothes (but the problem is…I’m in them ALL the time…and let’s be real….I’m not “working out” or “laundering” 24/7).

Can’t the balloon dresses be paired with a cute belt and double as some sort of trendy baby doll dress? But then the whole..using the dress as a way to eat my weight in french fries and a let my gut hang out and not have to suck in…purpose of the dress would be lost.

And the B.O.P.s. – so dang comfy. So what if it looks like I’m wearing 1940’s bloomers underneath my jeans! The normal undies – the ones that just cover the important lady bits – as pretty and lacy and satiny as they are…just don’t give me the same sense of comfort as my B.O.P.s….

But, it’s time.

I bid adieu to my friends that kept me clothed in comfort for 18+ months (yes..I was wearing maternity clothes 4 weeks into my pregnancy…anything to get into the elastic waist band…).

Adieu dear friends…adieu….


  1. Lisa Parsons says:

    You look great!!! Brad thinks every shirt should be made like a nursing tank…scary. Don't put those maternity clothes too far in the back of the closet…you never know when you will need them again 🙂