Another year older…not necessarily wiser

I remember watching the shows “Thirty something,” “Melrose Place,” “Friends” on T.V. back when I was just a youngen.

Their lives seemed so sexy.  So exciting.  So fun.  So awesome that I was just counting down the days and writing in my Lisa Frank journal about how I couldn’t wait to grow up.

What the hell was I thinking?

I’m 33 years old today.

I’m still close to the lost years of my 20s instead of the dreaded years of my 40s.

I’m closer to college years than the golden years.

Another year of old just means I am given this amazing gift of life to live.  Imagine the best gift anyone could ever give you.

This is it.

Another day.  Another year (God willing).

This past year has taught me a lot about who the 30 something person I am.  The person I wish to be when I finally grow up.

My 32nd year…what I learned about me:

1) I’m really addicted to Facebook and all that it offers.  A support system in my Heart Mamas, a prayer chain for my Evan, a form of extremely cheap therapy where I give mini blurbs about my troubles….and endless amount of comedy from random posts of others and the discovery of things like e-cards that cheer me up no matter what.

2) No matter how my day is going, if Evan’s oxygen is in the 90s, it immediately makes me feel better.

3) Having 2 kids is exponentially harder than one kid.  People say, “It’s all relative.”  Wrong.  When just you and the two littles in the middle of the day…one is crying the other is whining, you suddenly realize.  Holy S- I’m out numbered.

4) I need a new wardrobe.  Wearing Hanes her way (no matter if they are bikini cut) and an owl shirt on a girls night out don’t make me feel sexy…

5) However, 4 glasses of wine, a glass of champagne, a vodka tonic, and 4 shots and a karaoke machine…are still fuel to make me feel invincible…until the next morning.

I still got it

6)  No matter how old I get, I still love Craig with just as much passion…just deeper…as I did seventeen years ago.

7) Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s  sign of strength.  The ability to say, “I can’t do it all” just shows that I have the courage to not be the person I wish I was.

8) I can go without a shower for 2 days and I can avoid washing my hair for at least 4 days before I start to look like a cast member of “The Walking Dead.”  (directly related to #2)

9) If I shower, get both kids dressed, fed…and we sit around and watch T.V. all day until Craig gets home at 5pm – that completes my “list of things to do for the day” – which normally is just – “keep both kids alive until reinforcements come.”

10) My life is blessed.  No matter how hard this year has matter the tears I’ve shed…no matter the pain I’ve felt…no matter what happens to my boy….



  1. You rock that owl shirt! I love you!!! Happy 33rd!

  2. I love #9!!!! Happy Birthday, Czarina!!!