BB #5


I lied to all of you.

I really really wanted to believe in my heart that I want to make myself a whole person, love me for the person I want to be and NOT pay attention to the numbers on the scale…blah, blah, blah.

But, at yesterday’s weekly weigh in for BB, I knew that I would either:

A – gain back the weight I lost because of my binge from last week

B – stay completely the same

And I was really hoping for an option “C” – that I lost a pound or two even after I ate fried rice at midnight, quiche til I popped and wings with beer…

Luckily, my weight stayed exactly the same.


But, I kind of was dreading the work out. I hadn’t really given my all the week before. I wasn’t pushing myself. My body didn’t feel the soreness that is also goodness.

So, I opened my big fat mouth and told Jodie that I didn’t feel sore the week before.

And that unleashed the Beast.

The Beast of all workouts.

My partner for the workout was L. She has an amazing back story and her reasons for doing BB is so inspiring. Her husband and kids have a bone disease and she wants to be stronger for them so when she needs to be their hero and carry them, pick them up from a fall (that happens all too often) – she wouldn’t hurt herself. I swear I saw a cape under her tank. That’s a hero people…

I could feel the bad food and the crap work out in my body as we began to run, lunge, wall sit, plank, jumping jack…

And it made me regret my food choices.

Eating poorly feels good in the moment but you totally regret it the moment after.

Kind of like when you have too much to drink and you’re dancing with the hot guy (or hot enough guy from the beer goggles you have on) and you start snogging him and it’s like kissing a lizard…(this is NOT from experience but a story from a friend of a friend…)

Anyhoo…both cases you have an “Ah ha” moment and think to yourself, “What in the he!! was I thinking!”

Sorry…I digress.

But, the Beast workout was aggravated from the Vinasaya Yoga class I took the night before. The yoga class where I was sweating buckets within 5 minutes. The yoga class where I suddenly found myself doing moves only “Twister” could think of but they name them peaceful things like “Crow” and “Tree” and “Warrior” – so they are suddenly very empowering.

Yoga from Monday + BB from Tuesday = Pain

Good pain.

Good sore.

Good God I am sore.

Today is a new day.