BB #6

Thursday was a rough day for me.

No specifics – just a rough day. One of those days as a Mom that you wish you lived where the green grass grows…you know the other side of the fence. The side where there is no responsibility for a tiny human, no dirty house to return to, consecutive nights of at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Anyways, enough about the work outs. You guys get the toughness of the sessions.
And even I’m getting tired of talking about my weight…and I obsess about it.

Let’s turn our attention to rainbows and puppies, shall we?

A little bit of positivity to start our day.

Enter in: Body Back Thoughts of the Week.

It’s one of the things I love about BB are the thoughts Jodie shares with us. I don’t know if she gets them from a book or a guru or in visions from Gabriel – but they are good ones.

So friends, think – and I mean – really think about the couple I’m about to share with you in the next couple of blogs. Let it marinate, sink into your pores and get down into your soul.

First thought:

“Talk to yourself as you would talk to your children when you are trying to raise their self-esteem.”

– Ouch, right? Talk about a low blow. How many times as women, mothers, fathers (thanks men for reading this estrogen filled blog), friends…are we self deprecating? We attack our appearance, give ourselves a swift kick in the tuckus for not getting a project done, criticize our parenting skills (when really – there is no manual, no book, no nothin’ that can give us the tools to raise our kids). How many times do you catch yourself looking in the mirror and giving yourself a once over and see sadness in your eyes because of the extra fluff in the tummy or the extra jiggle in a few – oh alright – lots of spots? And then, you look over, or more like over and down, and you see a little someone looking at you and gazing at you – because YOU are their mirror…you are who they want to be – want to emulate?

And never in a million, bagillion years would you say to your little one “You’re fat! You look awful in that dress! You’re so stupid for making that mistake! You’re just not good enough!”

Stop, friends. Stop it. Let’s make a pact now to speak to ourselves how we speak to our children.

Positive, encouraging, proud.

We deserve it, too.

And like we’ve done so many times before on my little blog, let’s make our pact and stick with it friends!

“Ya Ya!”