BB #8

“H” shared an affirmation today with us in class.

“You are in irreplaceable character in the most amazing story.”

Jodie challenged us to be positive. To look at the positive. To be the positive. To see the glass half full…

Friends, have you noticed I’m a half almost empty – like only a few drops left in the glass – kind of girl?

More like, I’m a glass half full, all about the positivity, pumping full of sunshine – for everyone around me – but kind of dark clouds for me.

Kind of annoying.

No one wants to be around that – around me – when I’m so negative.

When I am in the line above the clouds, surrounded by Angels, and I meet God – I don’t want Him to hand me “The Story of Your Life” – the book about me – and read a page that says, “Then, she gave up.”

I hope my novel of my past, today and tomorrow reads with some hilarity, some sadness, some challenges, but always, uplifiting.

I don’t want to read my story and see that I was the character that gives up.

I have to remember that I am the heroine (the one that saves the day and the most important person…not the drug).

I’ve – we’ve – been blessed with the choice – because I believe one chooses to be negative and the other chooses to be positive.

Choice A-

I want to give up BB because my scale and I are in a fight (it refuses to go any lower no matter how much I will it to).

I want to give up BB because I am sore.

Choice B –

Be proud of my 2.5 lbs lost and remember I still have 4 weeks so I can still attain my weight goal if I really put my mind to it (and keep stuff out of my mouth.

Remember that Iz and Craig won’t benefit from the number on the scale but from the strength I’m gaining every day – in my body, mind and soul.

Be thankful I have the ability to exercise. That I have breath in my lungs, a heart that beats strongly, and muscles that are sore because they are gaining strength.

I choose: C.

To remember that once upon a time I would have chosen “A” but now know I’ve grown into a person that realizes “B” is the person I want to be.

Oh – and class was ridiculous hard again. I cried during the “chair sit” but I don’t think anyone noticed.

So friends, when you meet your Maker, and He hands you the “Story of Your Life” – how will your book read?

Make it a good one…it’s the best story ever told.


  1. You are amazing, Czarina! YOU CAN DO THIS!! We can get through it and will be so much better for it! (and yes, the chair sits were BRUTAL… but we did it!!) 🙂