Beating the Odds

Marriage these days is just something you do.  Over 50% of them end in divorce.

Not something you cherish after saying your “I do’s.”

A Kardashian said forever…for about 20 days.

I see billboards all the time for “Quick and Easy Divorce in 30 minutes.”

Considering most brides take over 6 months to plan a wedding…it’s a sad, sad thing that you can end a marriage in less time than a “Jersey Shore” episode.

Marriage is taken too lightly.  It’s not treasured, taken care of, or loved enough.

People forget that marriage is a lot of work.  It’s not a fairy tale, not a romance novel, not a sitcom that ends happily everyday.

I love being married.  I really do.  I love knowing that Craig and I have committed our lives to each other.  It’s kind of amazing that he chose me over every other woman out there.

I also know that we are extremely blessed to have a marriage that has lasted over 7 years.  But it’s been a lot of work.  A lot of choosing to stay…always remembering that we both have a choice – every day – to stay put and build our life together.

So, when I think about how hard it’s been – and rewarding – being married for a little over 7 years has been – I am in awe that today we celebrating my parent’s 40 year wedding anniversary.

Today, in front of family and friends from all over the world, my parents will say their vows once again to one another.  They’ll vow to love, honor and cherish each other.  They’ll promise to keep each other close through sickness and in health. They’ll once again commit to making it work through richer or poorer.

Their marriage hasn’t been perfect.  As a family, we’ve seen so many hardships.  Immigrating to the United States, creating the American dream for my sisters and I.

They sacrificed so much for our family.  Gave so much of themselves to keep our home, give everything they could to my sisters and I…

And no one knows – but my Mom and Dad – how tough it must have really been all those years we struggled.  How the strain of finances, their rebellious children, the distance when they lived apart, the multiple jobs they each had to take to give their children all they could ever want or need…how all of it affected them as husband and wife.

So, today, when my family – Craig, Iz, Evan and I – walk down the aisle as a family – and watch my sisters and their families make that same march to the altar – I will be choked up and speechless.  Because today, I will get to see my parent’s renew their vows…reaffirm their commitment to each other…the vow that started their legacy in us and in their grandchildren.

Today…I get to watch them say their “I do’s” as I sit with my husband and my children and hold them close to my heart.  Today…I feel a gratitude unlike any other to them – for fighting for their marriage, fighting for each other, fighting for their family – beating all the odds.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.  We love you.



  1. Judi Holmes says:

    Hi Czarina
    I was so sorry that we were not there for your parents reaffirmation of vows. Your family is close to my heart. It did not take long for me to realize how special your family is. I am always amazed as I look at your family history, where you are now, and where you are going. I know you have all worked very hard on being a strong family and you are a pillar of strength for one another. Thank you for Accidental Purpose. I can only imagine how much you and Craig have gone through together. You were blessed with Iz and Evan. Evan is so fortunate to have been given to such loving parents. Keeping you close in thoughts and prayer.
    Love, Judi