Because I like to eat.

Did you know that I was 175 lbs and 5 feet tall in the 5th grade?

Needless to say…I loved to eat.

But, alas, my love for boy trumped my love for Poptarts and burgers, so I went on a crash diet lifestyle change and went from fat to phat.

The love to eat part of me never went away.  You know what they say…”You can’t take the appetite out of the girl but you can take the girl out of the appetite.”

Ok – not really has ever said that…it doesn’t even make sense.

Fast forward from my 5th grade hefty years to now.

I’ve used my obsessive compulsive love for food for good instead of evil.

After a brief lapse of judgment, aka medical school, I followed my dreams (with the relentless prodding and coaxing of my sister) to open up a bakery.

Thus, Zen Baking Company was formed.

If you don’t know about my Zen side, here’s a few pictures of what we make.  We’re known for cake balls – our balls are awesome. But, we are expanding our retail/restaurant to include lots of savory yumminess.

So this “Food” area will be devoted to talking about food, talking about Zen, sharing recipes, sharing food adventures, videos of “how to” stuff (like stuff you read in recipes and have no idea what they are talking about), and just overall great food.  And yes…since this my site, I’ll be promoting Zen and all it’s glory.  I’ll host promotions and give-aways here too…so take it or eat it!

Here’s a snippet of who we are…stay tuned for more.

-Later fellow foodies!